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Portable Multispectral Laser Thermal Imaging Night Vision Observation System HRC-P6520
  • Portable Multispectral Laser Thermal Imaging Night Vision Observation System HRC-P6520

Portable Multispectral Laser Thermal Imaging Night Vision Observation System HRC-P6520

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  • Product Overview

    HRC-P6520, a portable multi-spectral laser thermal imaging night vision observation system, is a portable observation system suitable for rapid search / detection in large-scale scenes with complex environments and the realization of long-distance high-definition targets. Set of high-definition night vision camera, red storm-free laser, and infrared thermal imaging camera, using the powerful long-range detection ability of the thermal imaging camera, smoke penetration ability, night-time imaging ability, and hidden observation features, it can detect and search quickly outdoors Search for targets in applications such as night vision, individual soldiers, and use a high-definition night-vision camera to see people or license plates at 400 meters at night, find the effect of the target at 1000 meters during the day, and penetrate the glass.

    Use scenarios

    Scenario 1: Concealed search to quickly identify: terrorists behind non-closed obstructions such as trees or flowers, ordinary night vision cameras can not quickly find targets, thermal imaging cameras can quickly find targets based on thermal radiation, and can roughly determine whether the target is With weapons, and then use high-definition cameras to identify targets, adjust the implementation plan in time, and observe the center can record video to save evidence;

    Scenario 2: Wide-range search for rapid identification: In relatively empty Gobi or desert areas, infrared cameras can penetrate harsh environments such as haze, quickly find heat sources, find people hiding within 1,000 meters, and can see clearly within 400 meters Human face, identifying criminals;

    Scenario 3: Penetrating glass, in an environment where surveillance of personnel in the car is required. Use this system to see the activities of people in the car clearly;

    Product features

    Portability: the size of the host is 235mm * 220mm * 96mm, the display controller is 230mm × 138mm × 30mm, which is convenient to carry and flexible to maneuver. It is the smallest one in the same observation distance at present;

    Ease of use: One-button operation of the observation function, no need for any settings, simple and convenient, skilled use by frontline soldiers in 10 minutes;

    Stability: after 72 hours aging test by professional testers, the enclosure protection level is IP65;

    Advancement: The system integrates infrared thermal imaging, high-definition cameras and red storm-free lasers, intelligent control, and perfect integration;

    Fourth, the functional description

    1. Camera observation distance: 500 meters in the day to see the face or license plate, 1000 meters to find people or vehicles

    See the face or license plate clearly at 400 meters at night, and find people or vehicles at 500 meters

    2. Thermal camera observation distance: target heat source (person or vehicle) found within 1000 meters

    3. Adapt to a variety of scenarios: the host and the display control unit are connected by a guide rail, which can be quickly split, suitable for a variety of scenarios

    1) Wired connection, split application: suitable for concealed / observed observations

    2) Rail fixed, combined application, multi-angle operation

    4. Ergonomic design: display control unit can rotate 90 degrees horizontally

    5. One-key boot: After the device is connected, the host will automatically boot after the display unit is powered on through the intelligent power detection module;

    6. Image switching: Quickly switch between the camera image or the camera image with one click to achieve the goal of finding and quickly identifying

    7. Laser night vision: The camera is switched to black and white mode, and the laser is automatically turned on;

    8.Zoom synchronization: When the camera is zoomed, the system automatically controls the laser to zoom in or out simultaneously to achieve intelligent fill light;

    9. Laser fine-tuning: According to actual needs, the laser strength can be fine-tuned separately to achieve better observation results, for example: the laser needs to be weakened when observing the license plate, and the laser must be strengthened when seeing the car glass;

    10. Thermal imager supports 8x zoom;

    11. One-button auto-focusing (thermal imager): intelligent auto-focusing during thermal camera zooming;

    12. Support fine-tuning focus (thermal imager): according to different observation targets, support manual fine-tuning of the thermal imager's focus;

    13. Thermal image screen switching: support 8 color screen rotations such as black heat, white heat, and false color;

    14. High-definition touch screen: 7-inch display supports touch control, display resolution: 1280 × 800;

    15. Brightness adjustment: the display brightness can be adjusted according to the use environment;

    12: Data storage: The system supports one-click video recording, one-click photo shooting and local playback

    13: Data export: TF card supports hot swap, convenient for quick data export

    16. Working time: the host has a built-in 25.2V, 20AH, and the working time is about 8 hours.

  • Five, system configuration

    System configuration checklist name Quantity unit Note
    Display control unit 1 station Integrated touch, key control, display, data storage, etc.
    Host 1 station Built-in thermal imager, camera, laser, battery control module
    rangefinder 1
    Measure the distance of the observation target
    battery 1 group Optional
    charger 2 only Host and display control unit
    tripod 1 support Folded length 395mm
    Data line 1 root Connector waterproof
    Operation demo video 1 set CD-ROM
    Protective box 1
    High-strength protective belt with built-in sponge
    Manual 1 set
    Warranty Card 1 Zhang

    Technical parameters

    HD camera Imaging device 1 / 2.8 ″ Progressive Scan CMOS  
    Effective Pixels 2 million pixels
    Video resolution 1920 * 1080
    Frame rate Support 25 / 30fps
    Zoom 32x optical f7.8-250mm
    Horizontal perspective 33.4 °-1.1 ° (wide angle-telephoto)
    Day and night mode IR-CUT dual filter automatic switching, color to black
    Minimum illumination Color: 0.01Lux
    Black and white: 0.001Lux
    BLC stand by
    Video compression H.264, MJPEG
    Laser Zoom lens Irradiation angle: 1.5 ° --60 °
    Lens drive Stepper motor
    Light output power 10W
    Laser wavelength 915nm ± 5nm
    Thermal imager Detector type Amorphous silicon infrared microbolometer
    Frame rate 50HZ
    Resolution / Cell Spacing 384 * 288 / 17um
    Image noise reduction Digital filtering
    display resolution 720 * 576
    Lens 50mm
    Image display resolution Black and white, false color
    Zoom 8 times
    Focus Support auto focus
    Support manual focus
    Host power supply 24V6.8AH   Working time 8 hours (slightly different depending on the use environment)
    size 235mm * 220mm * 96mm
    interface Charging interface
    Data interface
    Display touch screen stand by
    LCD screen 7 inch resolution 1920 * 1080 IPS HD full viewing angle
    Take a picture Photo, video, playback
    Video Camera video resolution: 1920 * 1080
    Thermal camera video resolution: 720 * 576
    Video / image playback All video images support shooting and recording, support H264 encoding storage
    charger DC 12V / 2A
    Monitor battery Built-in 7.4V3.4Ah
    Standard storage 2 * 32G (expandable)
    Video input HDMI interface
    Dimensions 230mm × 138mm × 30mm

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