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Shenzhen Huaruitong Technology is hiring the following:

Sales Manager

Number of Recruitment: 5

Job Responsibilities:

1.Develop customer resources according to the company's overall sales strategy;

2. Make appointments and visit customers, summarize and analyze customer needs and provide related services;

3. According to the customer's cooperation intention and product function requirements, conduct evaluation quotes and contract negotiations;

4. Follow up the development progress and related business and technical service matters;

5. Feedback on product-related situations and respond to customer-related inquiries, and maintenance of other related situations of customers.

6, customer payment tracking and regular return visits to customers.

7. Have security industry experience, familiar with laser night vision, thermal imaging, long-distance monitoring is preferred


1. No restrictions on men and women, secondary education or above, no restrictions on majors;

2. Have more than two years working experience in electronics industry or Internet product sales;

3. Have a strong desire for success, full of energy and good image;

4. Have good communication and negotiation skills, be friendly and positive.

5, with or without experience is also available, those who have customer resources are well-recruited.

Quality management

Number of Recruitment: 2

job requirements

1. Complete product related product inspection work;

2.Responsible for the maintenance and control of product-related quality documents and records;

3. Participate in quality analysis, compile quality control plans, design quality control cards, and determine quality control points;

4. Control procedures to ensure process quality and final inspection control;

5. Responsible for the identification of product quality status and strictly control the defective products;

6. Coordinate relevant departments to analyze quality problems and monitor the implementation and effectiveness of improvement measures;

7. Continuously monitor the progress of all quality objectives and implement necessary improvement measures.


1. Have more than 3 years of quality related work experience;

2. Familiar with the video surveillance industry;

3. Lens, camera related work experience is preferred;

4. Before quality awareness, can handle abnormal quality affairs independently, strong team spirit, strong coordination and communication

Technical Support:

Number of Recruitment: 2

Job Responsibilities:

1. Undertake technical support for video surveillance products and solutions;

2. Responsible for monitoring the technical problems of the products and guaranteeing major engineering projects;

3. Responsible for the compilation and training of technical data of video surveillance products.

4. Relevant industry work experience for more than 5 years.

job requirements:

1. College degree or above, more than three years of technical support work experience in video surveillance products;

2. Ability to write bids and strong ability to propose;

3. Strong professionalism and high sense of responsibility, able to withstand greater work pressure;

4, can adapt to business trips;

Long-term recruitment for the above positions.

Phone: 0755-86518800 Email: sales@x-kiosk.com

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