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Shenzhen Huaruitong Technology Co., Ltd. (Huaruicom) has been committed to becoming the world's leading supplier of high-end infrared photoelectric products and industry overall solutions, focusing on the research and development, production and development of infrared thermal imaging products, laser night vision products and industry system management software. Sales, has been leading the industry in the field of infrared photoelectricity.

Huaruitong Technology is located in Qinghu Science and Technology Park, Longhua New District, Shenzhen. It has a fully functional and well-equipped industrialization base and a technology research and development center. The company adopts an international modern management model, and has obtained ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14000 environmental management system and ISO18000 occupational health and safety management system certification. Its product development follows the IPD process, which fundamentally guarantees the company's healthy development. Huaruitong Technology has hundreds of software copyrights and dozens of patented technologies. The company is a member of the National High-tech Enterprise, Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprise, Shenzhen Double-Soft Enterprise, and Shenzhen Smart Security Industry Association. Establish recommended brands, awards for innovative products in the security industry, China's most valuable investment enterprise, the signing of scientific and technological achievements by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the innovation of science and technology achievements by the Ministry of Education. Products and solutions won the Science and Technology Innovation Award. On November 30, 2015, Huaruitong was successfully listed in the Shenzhen Equity Exchange Center, stock code 666587.

Huaruitong brings together domestic first-class experts engaged in optical mechanical and electrical design, and many optical-mechanical research institutes and special imaging technology laboratories in the United Nations to build a high-level research and development technology platform, and combines years of market experience to persist in innovation Research and development, take the road of independent brands and independent intellectual property rights. The company has core products with completely independent intellectual property rights, and some technologies rank among industry leaders.

Hua Ruitong Technology has the industry's leading independent core technology and sustainable research and development capabilities, specializing in thermal imaging movements, infrared thermal cameras, photoelectric spherical turntables, laser night vision cameras, multi-spectrum intelligent early-warning gimbal cameras, and bi-spectral smart clouds Camera, telephoto lens, forest fire early warning command management system, GIS geographic information system, forest fireworks intelligent identification system, airport flight safety machine management system, border and coastal defense early warning management command system, electric power online temperature measurement and early warning management system Industry-wide solutions.

Huaruitong products fully comply with the lead-free environmental protection standard (RoHS), and have passed CE certification, FCC certification, IP67 certification, Ministry of Public Security type inspection, CRCC certification of the Ministry of Railways, CCS certification of China Classification Society, certification of China Academy of Electric Power, China Energy-saving product certification, China environmental labeling product certification, quality supervision bureau testing certification, China Metrology Institute testing certification, national fire equipment quality supervision and inspection center inspection certification, etc., aim to provide customers with high-quality and competitive products.

As the general agent of Japan's YAMAKO lenses in China, Huaruitong Technology is fully responsible for the sales, technical support, and after-sales service of YAMAKO lenses in China. General agent of Poland SONEL infrared thermal imager and infrared night vision product in China.

Hua Ruitong high-end security products and solutions are widely used in the following areas: forest fire remote warning day and night monitoring management system; high-speed rail and urban rail safety day and night monitoring system, railway freight material anti-theft certificate monitoring system; airport runway pavement foreign object detection and identification monitoring system Aircraft takeoff and landing safety photoelectric tracking monitoring system, airport perimeter safety night vision monitoring system, airport bird detection and bird dispersal monitoring system; dynamic remote day and night early warning monitoring management system on the sea surface, remote monitoring and management of marine environment monitoring and protection of the State Oceanic Administration System, remote day and night monitoring and management system for marine fishery and aquaculture areas, national coastline safety monitoring and management system; remote day and night monitoring and management system for maritime safety, digital day and night monitoring and management system for digital ports and terminals; remote collision prevention for bridges across rivers and sea bridges Early warning monitoring management system; water traffic safety and water search and rescue command remote monitoring management system; VTS ship dispatching command management system, digital channel safety remote day and night monitoring management system; national border and coastal defense remote warning day and night monitoring management system; Ancheng high-altitude observation monitoring system; ship fog navigation night vision navigation monitoring system: ocean-going ship anti-piracy night vision early warning monitoring system, yachts, patrol boats, law enforcement boats, ships, sea patrols, marine police, and sea surveillance ships, etc. Video monitoring system; urban high-rise building fire warning linkage command remote day and night monitoring system; urban disaster prevention and counter-terrorism high-altitude observation monitoring system; nuclear power station, substation, hydropower station perimeter safety remote monitoring and management system; reservoir, dam, lake flood dam safety remote warning Day and night monitoring and management system; offshore oil spill detection system, offshore oil development and offshore drilling platform, offshore wind power generation, offshore construction operations and other safety remote monitoring and management systems; oil pipeline and natural gas pipeline safety remote warning monitoring and management system; oil field production bases at night Early warning monitoring management system, explosion and fire prevention day and night monitoring management system for petroleum and chemical storage bases; environmental protection and wildlife protection monitoring management system; landslide and debris flow disaster remote monitoring and monitoring management system; remote monitoring and management of flood and drought and water conservancy and disaster prevention System; hydrological, meteorological monitoring and disaster warning remote monitoring and management system; early warning fire and explosion circadian remote monitoring and management system at the country's important strategic material storage; national key cultural relics protection remote monitoring and management night vision systems.

Huaruitong's products are widely used in forest fire prevention, border and coastal defense, rail transit, electricity, airports, safe cities, water conservancy, environmental protection, fishery management, petroleum and petrochemical, maritime, islands, ports, docks, reservoirs, dams in nature reserves , Lakes, waterways, nuclear power plants, ships and many other fields.

The company adheres to the corporate spirit of customer success, hard work, self-criticism, development, sincerity and trustworthiness, teamwork; guided by customers and the market, it continuously improves product quality, service and value for money, creates more value for customers, and strives to become world-class. Infrared optoelectronic products manufacturer, and reward society with excellent performance.

Huaruitong, your trusted partner!

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