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Expressway monitoring intelligent system

Expressway monitoring intelligent system

I. Project Background The expressway / urban expressway is the main artery of national economic development. With the rapid development of society and economy, the number of motor vehicles has increased rapidly, the traffic demand has greatly increased, and the management has become increasingly difficult. However, the current monitoring methods are relatively backward, there are few road information collection points, and the functions are single. They cannot keep up with the development speed of road network construction, resulting in some highways / cities

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Hua Ruitong Urban Rail Transit Video Surveillance Solution

Huaruitong Urban Rail Transit Video Surveillance Solution

Solution Overview Video surveillance system is an important means to ensure the organization and safety of urban rail transit traffic. Dispatchers and station attendants use it to monitor train operation, passenger flow, and equipment room equipment substation equipment operation conditions to improve traffic command transparency. Police use it to ensure the safety and order of passengers. When a disaster occurs at a station, the video surveillance system can act as a disaster dispatcher

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Remote day and night monitoring system for safe operation of high-speed rail, railway, rail

Remote day and night monitoring system for safe operation of high-speed rail, railway and rail transit

1. System definition The high-speed railway section video surveillance system implements local key monitoring and management on the entire railway line or some important sections in the middle, and establishes a long-distance day and night monitoring system and intelligent identification and early warning system to achieve full-day railway track and power supply lines Intelligent monitoring, when people or animals enter on the track, or

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High-speed rail day and night monitoring system

High-speed rail day and night monitoring system

Intelligent transportation solutions 1. Overview of intelligent transportation night monitoring problems With the rapid development of China's high-speed railways / highways, rail transit safety has become the focus of attention. At present, railway / highway security monitoring methods are still based on regular human inspections. This not only consumes capital and manpower, but also does not allow real-time monitoring, and hidden safety hazards still exist.

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