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Grassland fire monitoring solution-grassland monitoring management system

Grassland fire monitoring solution-grassland monitoring management system

I. Demand analysis Grassland is an important part of the national land resources and ecological environment system. It is of great significance for maintaining national ecological security, food security, developing modern grassland animal husbandry, promoting agricultural industrial structural adjustment, and urban beautification and greening. At present, there are still many problems in the use and management of grassland resources. For example, China's annual

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Grassland fire warning system

Grassland fire warning system

Prairie fire early warning system The prairie fire prevention system uses visible light pyrotechnic identification + infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement identification intelligent dual-spectrum identification system, camera, telephoto lens and back-end monitoring management software to realize intelligent pyrotechnic identification and automatic alarm. The azimuth and elevation angles, the focal length of the telephoto lens, and the back-end GIS management software platform enable automatic and precise positioning of the fire point.

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